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RTMS is a South African National Standard applicable to consignors, consignees and road transport operators (passengers and goods). The standard stipulates requirements for the implementation of a management system that demonstrates compliance with the Road Traffic Regulations and contributes to preserving road infrastructure, improving road safety, ensuring driver health & wellness and improving productivity.

This course is intended for persons who are required to implement RTMS in their business at the various functional levels. It is applicable to those involved with:

  • Transportation of manufactured/processed goods (consignors)
  • Receipt of manufactured/processed goods (consignees)
  • Passenger transportation (public/private)
  • Payload management
  • Licensing and permit renewals
  • Fleet control
  • Vehicle maintenance/servicing
  • Tyre management
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Risk assessments
  • Accident and incident investigations
  • Driver training
  • Driver health and wellness
  • Internal audits

The course will examine each element of the recently published SANS 1395-1: 2019 version of the RTMS standard and provide guidance on how to comply with the specified requirements. The revised standard now incorporates requirements for consignors and consignees which will be discussed in detail.  The course will be delivered in a practical and interactive manner so that delegates understand exactly  how to implement the standard within their respective companies.


The course will include the following content:

  • RTMS Background and outcomes
  • Interpretation of the standard
  • RTMS Reporting and audit evidence
  • RTMS Internal audits
  • RTMS Quarterly online submissions
  • Link between RTMS and PBS (Smart Trucks)


4 Hours

Certificates will be provided upon completion.

The elements of the SANS 1395-1:2019 standard, listed below, are the focus of this course.

4            Requirements

4.1         General

4.2         Compliance

4.2.1     Sites

4.2.2     Fleet vehicles

4.2.3     Road safety

4.2.4     Maintenance of roadworthy vehicles

4.2.5     Vehicle and load safety

4.2.6     Driver health and wellness

4.2.7     Support

4.2.8     Competency training and awareness

4.2.9     Documentation and records

4.2.10   Performance evaluation

4.2.11   Internal audits

4.2.12   Management review

4.2.13   Continual improvement – Efficiency and road safety